The Hammam Experience: a combination of relaxation and wellness

The Age-old Tradition of the Hammam


The hammam, or Turkish bath, is an age-old tradition still popular today for its combination of cleanliness, relaxation and wellness. A hammam treatment goes back to ancient Roman times and has evolved over centuries in the Middle East and North Africa as a social and spiritual ritual offering a chance for deep cleansing of mind and body.



What to Expect During a Hammam Treatment


The first part of a typical hammam experience focuses on cleaning and exfoliation. You will be provided with a scrub mitt and black soap to work up a lather and buff away dead skin cells. The high temperature and steam help open pores and soften old skin.


An attendant will then likely use a kese, a traditional exfoliating mitt made from goat or lamb  hair, to give you a full-body scrub. The kese further refines your skin, removing excess oil and dead skin left behind from your initial black soap scrub.


The second part shifts the focus to relaxation and detoxification. You will be invited to lie on heated marble benches and soak up the steam. The heat activates your sweat glands to release toxins and help reduce water retention, treating your skin from the inside out. Any remaining soap and impurities are rinsed away with buckets of warm water.


The last stages typically involve a scalp and facial massage before you are draped in warm towels to allow your body to reabsorb necessary hydration. Essential oils may be used during this “cocooning” period to aid in relaxation.



The Benefits of Getting a Hammam


A hammam treatment can leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated thanks to four main benefits: refreshed, clean skin; reduced water retention and bloating; relief from muscle tension; and increased blood circulation. But beyond the physical effects, the hammam experience can offer a mental break from your hectic routine by allowing you to fully unplug in a tranquil environment and return home refreshed in both body and mind.


So whether you’re looking for a cleansing beauty ritual, a chance to decompress or just to try an ancient tradition, a hammam has much to offer in terms of overall wellness. Book a session today and reap the rewards of this age-old self-care practice.


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