Monitoring System: intelligent screening for health control

The monitoring of situations related to the patient’s health, represent the real innovation in the medical field, as well as in that related to public health.

The applications that have been created following the pandemic advent that we are still experiencing, have become useful in the field of public health, in order to monitor the migration of people from one place to another, but also to control access to places open to the public. The various contact tracing or exposure notification applications work with the help of Bluetooth low power technology, allowing the application previously installed on mobile devices not to consume excessive battery energy.

The IT-HEALTH application developed by INMM, makes it possible for the bodies in charge to be able to access the so-called health card containing all the health information of the individual concerned, representing great utility for the personnel in charge of border control. All this is aimed at containing the spread of the pandemic virus currently still underway at a global level.

Find out how the Monitoring System and the Genius Tag work

It should be emphasized that only authorized personnel have permission to access people’s health data and that IT-HEALTH was carried out with the aim of collecting the clinical data entered, either by the health facilities that treat the person, or by the person himself. The memory card with the clinical history is able to provide a complete picture of the interventions carried out in this regard, i.e. the results of the tests carried out with the nasopharyngeal swab or the antibody ones. The application also allows you to print this data in electronic format, so, when a person arrives from areas at endemic risk, IT-HEALTH creates an alert that is sent to the operations center, which can thus take the measures deemed necessary in these cases.

TheĀ Monitoring System is certainly a valid help in the field of Public Health.