Geneva hair transplant: the ultimate solution 

What to know about hair transplantation Geneva 

Geneva hair transplant by Hasci Swiss is a treatment against hair loss. Over the years, Hasci Siwss has been caring for its patients’ hair, to ensure that their hair is healthy and natural again. Hair loss or hair loss is a physiological, normal phenomenon, when limited to a few periods of the year. It has been studied that a physiological hair loss is around 100 hairs per day, a number that is part of the normal life cycle. But an excess can be a sign of something not working in our bodies. Some hairs are weaker than others. In general, fine hair tends to wear down more easily, precisely because it has a much more fragile keratin structure, which makes it less resistant. Dry hair, on the other hand, which by nature is deprived of the lubricating and protective action of sebum, is more easily damaged by atmospheric agents and consequently becomes more brittle. The method used is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, a transplantation based on years of research into hair stem cells. The transplantation is recommended for anyone, both women and men, and has proven to be more effective than any other treatment, ensuring a permanent result. The HSCT is the result of studies by Dr. Coen Gho, who spent years researching a transplantation technique that would implant hair stem cells. The aim was to devise an entirely new transplantation method that was less invasive and above all much less painful than traditional transplants. 

Visible results 

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation focuses on the ability of stem cells to regenerate themselves. The main feature of this type of transplantation is the fact that only a small portion of the hair follicle is taken from the donor area, rather than the entire follicle. Even a small portion contains enough stem cells to grow new hair in the receptor area. The regenerative capacity of stem cells also generates more hair from a single graft. In this way, high hair density is created in a completely natural way. Through the innovative transplantation proposed by Hasci Swiss, one is assured of thick, natural-looking hair, with little or no scarring, since the scalp regenerates rapidly. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.

Geneva hair transplantation: why entrust Hasci Swiss 

Geneva hair transplant by Hasci Swiss clinics meet the highest medical standards, training their staff with professional and competent specialists. From the very first clinic appointment the patient is followed step by step with regard to the choice of treatment. A team of doctors and technicians will take care of the free consultation, so as to best advise on the most suitable solution for every need. In the end, the result of the before-and-after hair transplant will significantly change the patient’s life and his or her approach to everyday life. Geneva hair transplant. Generally, anyone suffering from hair loss or hair loss can undergo Hair Stem Cell Transplantation. However, a prior diagnosis is always necessary in order to find out whether and how the treatment should be carried out. For instance, in patients too young, a hair transplantation is not recommended.