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Creed perfume samples is a unique luxury fragrance brand, being the only one in the world today to be owned by and passed on within a family from one generation to another since 1760, when the company was founded. The company is now being run by the sixth and seventh generation of James Henry Creed, who founded the brand in London. The brand relocated to Paris in mid 1800s. Over the years, they have created fragrances for royal families across the world. The brand is known for fragrances created from natural and rare aromas to create unique one of a kind blends and rich royal fragrances.

Boadicea the Victorious

Boadicea the Victorious perfume samples is the story of the Warrior Queen, leader of the Iceni tribe, who defeated the Roman legions driving them headlong from her territory.  Nearly 2,000 years later her story inspires the triumphant growth of one of Britain’s finest luxury perfume brands.

Starting 10 years ago as an exclusive brand in Harrods, we now sell worldwide with a range of more than 100 different fragrances.

The fragrances are expertly blended in Britain by experienced perfumers before being bottled in the characteristic Boadicea the Victorious flagon, itself a work of art.  Each one carries a specially designed Celtic shield fashioned by hand at a traditional English pewter factory that is more than 200 years old. Some of the shields are dipped in 24k gold, other flaunt diamonds or precious stones.  Many are designed for a particular event.

House of Sillage

House of Sillage perfume samples is an American haute parfumerie founded in 2011 by Nicole Mather. Famous for its high-quality scents as well as its delightful and whimsical “cupcake” bottles adorned with beautiful crystals and its luxurious limited editions featuring unique designs that recall couture jewelry, House of Sillage offers timeless and elegant scents designed for the most discerning of tastes.

Designer House Of Sillage has 38 perfumes in our fragrance base. House Of Sillage is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2011 and the newest is from 2019. House Of Sillage fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Mark Buxton and Francis Camail.

Nishane Istanbul

Nishane perfume samples is a perfume brand from Turkey, founded by Mert Güzel & Murat Katran.

Designer Nishane has 30 perfumes in our fragrance base. Nishane is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2013 and the newest is from 2019. Nishane fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jorge Lee, Chris Maurice, Sylvain Cara, Cecile Zarokian and Miguel Matos.